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Indo-Vietnam Business Forum in Textile and Healthcare

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To strengthen cooperation with India and to improve its competitiveness and increase its exports, a webinar entitled, ‘Promoting Vietnam-India Business Relations in Textile and Healthcare (PPEs, Medical devices, Pharma)’ organized by the Embassy of The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 1230 hrs to 1500hrs from New Delhi.

Strengthening cooperation with India is important for the Vietnamese textile and garment industry to improve its competitiveness and increase its exports. To that end, a webinar, entitle ‘Promoting Vietnam-India Business Relations in Textile and Healthcare (PPEs, Medical devices, Pharma)’ organized by the Embassy of The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 1230 hrs to 1500hrs from New Delhi.

The program chaired by H.E. (Mr.) Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to India. Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder Editor of the Policy Times moderated the show. Starting with the brief about the beautiful country Vietnam, the moderator introduced all representatives from both India and Vietnam and thanked them for joining in the business forum.

The webinar has seen eminent speakers from both textile and healthcare sectors including, Ms. Hoang Ngoc Anh, Acting General Secretary of Viet Nam Textile and Apparel Association, Mr. Rajiv Nath, Founder & Forum Coordinator – Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED), Mr.Ashok Juneja, National President, The Textile Association (India), Mr. P. K. Gupta, President, BelcoPharma& Chairman, Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (CIPI), Representative from Sunstar JSC, Mrs. DANG THI HONG NGOC, Director, Wakamono International INC, Dr. Sanjiiiv Relhan, Chairman, the Preventive Wear Manufacturer Association of India (PWMAI), Ms. Pham Minh Huong, South East Asia Regional Manager CTC Group& former MD of Viet Nam National Textile and Garment Group, Representative from Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company.

The virtual inaugural session began with the welcome remarks by the Ambassador H.E. (Mr.) Pham Sanh Chau. He welcomed and thanked all Indian and Vietnamese representatives; he begins by saying, “The embassy is delighted to serve as trustful bridge business between two countries to connect and work together. By this event I would like to announce the launch of new initiative by the Vietnam Embassy and we are preparing for the post covid-19 economic boom in our both countries and beyond. Covid-19 has affected the bilateral trade as well as the global trade. Vietnam is considered one of the fastest growing countries after the pandemic. In textile, India can be the source of quality fabric and fiber for Vietnam and have to improve Vietnam competitiveness in its national market”.

He added, “In the first seventh months of 2020, Vietnam imports of cotton, fabric, raw materials for textile and leather and shoes increase sharply.When the supply of raw materials coming from China, who’s affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Vietnam has imported 200 million dollars of those goods from India. in which cotton import increase suddenly from 3 million US dollars in 2020 and 7 million US dollars in July 2020. For healthcare Vietnam can also be good and reliable partner with the dynamic and rapidly growing economy. Vietnam wishes to seek opportunity to cooperate with India in producing covid-19 prevention. I do hope that we do have the opportunity to discuss and share your views in capacity in provide goods and services.”

In her special address Ms. Nguyen, representatives from Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Government of Vietnam has given her speech on sectoral development and policy perspective. She says, “There is a lot of possibility between India and Vietnam in textile. In Vietnam the textile and garment sector is very labour intensive and the competitiveness of the sector mostly from the labour cost. The textile sector has very high investment. We want to move the sector into more sustainable and more competitiveness and we try to maintain the sector in Vietnam to attract the investment in textile.

The opportunity of India and Vietnam I think India is very strong in textile and garments sector especially in textile, and also have the technology that also work for FDI attraction.

For the inaugural session, eminent speaker from Indian counterpart, Mr. Rajiv Nath thanked the embassy and introduced his association to everyone; he begins by saying, “I think medical devices will be the next thing for India. it consumables and disposables equipment in electronics. I have been in the Vietnam for many times and work very nicely with them; they were very cooperating. We also export our services to Vietnam”. He introduced other top manufacturing companies in India. He further said, “India has been doing exceptionally well in export of medical devices. We have recently had pre-production of medical devices rules for ensuring patients safety and for ensuring affordability. Additionally the medical devices perks have been established in the southern part of India including Hyderabad, Bishakhapattanam and much more coming off in the next couple of years in the North India as well as in South India. People of India have realized they are depending on country like China and they wanted updated supply sources, and when Vietnam stepped in the product like PPEs. In India, w e work with the manufacturers who make the raw materials within the country and make specifications of the products within the country. Similarly for N-95 mask there are 40 manufacturers including AIMED making more than 800 billion pieces per year. In the case of surgical mask more than three and half billion pieces per year. So, you can be assuered with the quality and patients safety products from India in the name of PPEs, Ventilators, and Masks etc. We are looking forward to work with Vietnam”.

Put the focus on promoting the cooperation in textile sector of both countries. Ms. Hoang Ngoc Anh says, “Especially during the covid-19 we witnessed the disruption in the supply chain. We strongly look forward to collaborate with India. as we know Vietnam is depended on other countries for the raw materials like, yarn, cotton and fabric, we think that in the coming term India will be the reliable supplier for Vietnam”.

Mr.Ashok Juneja gave a very comprehensive view in terms of potential and collaboration between the two countries. He said, “Over 100 million people of India are working directly and indirectly with the textile industry and it is the contribution around 15% to the export earnings. The textile industry in Vietnam may not be old but its growth in last decade is very much appreciated. I visited twice in Vietnam and its steady growth in last 10 years and maybe Vietnam is the only few countries that achieved the positive growth even during this pandemic. Vietnam has a advantage of free trade agreement, maybe I think almost near to 13 free trade agreement making one of the most economic countries. There is an tremendous scope for both India and Vietnam to do the more cooperation and collaboration in this regard. Also there is a significant untapped potential for trade in the textile between our countries”.

He ended the inaugural session by further adding, “Vietnam is looking into diversified source of raw materials. One of the strength of Indian textile industry is its strong production base, wide range of fiber, yarn, cotton, jute, and silk, to synthetic fiber like polyester, viscose, nylon and acrylic”

The next session was on Healthcare sector starting from PPEs. The speaker from the healthcare sector Mr. P. K. Gupta said, “India is one of the largest sectors of Pharmaceutical industry. The industry is driven by knowledge, skill and production. We are ready to work with the Vietnam. In the context of the topic, Dr. Nguyen, PhD. Chairman of Archemis, begins by saying, “Covid-19 also open some opportunities esepeciallly for the PPEs, and pharmaceutical ingredients in the market. We are trying to work with our Indian partners. We have produced 1 thousand hector RT-PCR that can be really helpful; through this webinar we hope we will find our Indian partners in PPEs sector to work with us. We are in contact with the embassy for the export from the India to boost the sector and to make a sustainable business.

Mrs. DANG THI HONG NGOC gave a brief presentation about her product ‘Wakamono’ medical and surgical masks. The mask contains 100% organic and natural components. It has the antiviral & antibacterial properties which have proven effective at inactivating many tested strains of viruses and bacteria. She looks forward to collaborate with India.

Ms. Lan, Country Manager, ICON, Australia, spoke on PPE. She said, “Vietnam as a new investor is looking for top manufacturers. Only two countries have managed to export PPEs which is, Vietnam and Thailand. I do believe Vietnam can produce good quality PPE equipments, and Vietnam and India have a good potential to collaborate in pharmaceutical in future.

The last speaker for the webinar was Dr. Sanjiv Relhan, he thanked the Ambassador for take the initiative to boost the business opportunity for both countries. He said, “My request to all my Vietnamese partners is that we are in India flourishing the business in PPEs and other equipments. Now, after 2021 it will be very difficult for overseas manufacturer to participate because getting an import license will be very difficult. This is the time for to think about the collaboration from the Indian counterparts. Our industry members have already upgraded themselves during this covid time.

After that his Excellency H.E. (Mr.) Pham Sanh Chau shared his valuable remarks and thanked all participants to join this webinar.

At the end of the show from everyone from both countries joined the question & answer round.

Source: https://thepolicytimes.com/webinar-vietnam-embassy-organizes-indo-vietnam-business-forum-in-textile-and-healthcare-t/

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