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Best destinations around the world for travel enthusiasts

by Inside Out

Traveling is a phenomenon that opens up a portal to a hoard of new knowledge that you might not get from any other source.

There is only so much that you can learn and absorb from the dry pages of books, and by staying within the confines of the four safe walls.

A world of knowledge is waiting out there for you, and that is something you can access only if you step outside your comfort zones and explore.

While some people might not have the will to travel around the world, there are also many others who would give anything to witness and explore the many mysteries of the world.

Traveling is fun and educative, and for those who are always on the lookout for some of the best places to travel to, this article could be just the one for you that will help you plan your next itinerary well.


Bhutan @ David Lazar

The very first place that must make it to our list is Bhutan. This little country is an embodiment of peace, tranquillity, humility and the simple kind of life.
The people are helpful and will teach you what minimalism means. Visit the country for its monastery-crowded landscapes and undulating hills that will certainly offer you all the peace that you have lost from your life.
The tourism policy of Bhutan is simple. However, the tourists are only allowed to the place in a calibrated manner and are required to pay quite a bit of money to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.


Next up on our list is Vietnam, a traveler’s delight. And if you need reasons to make sense of what we just said, look no further.

Vietnam is a culturally rich land, thriving with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The food, the locales and the amusements that this country has to offer are to be cherished forever.

The landscape reeks of rich history and shall leave you wanting for more. Therefore, if traveling to a historical land, that is also a melting pot of diversity, is on your list, add Vietnam on the top.


Nothing beats the lure of the majestic English coastlines for a traveling enthusiast. England is one of those places that you must visit to placate your excited traveller’s heart.

You need to seize the opportunity and visit the country, not just for the Queen’s language and the architecture that the country promises.

You must visit the country for the history that every nook and corner bears testimony to, and the various majestic sight-scenes that would otherwise go amiss.
England is a must-visit place and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been popularized to such an extent in pop cultural references and various narratives that there is very little that remains to be said.

However, if you needed more assurance about why Las Vegas should be in your list of must-travel destinations, you should know that the place has thousands of casinos and a nightlife that you must absolutely be a part of.

In fact, even if you are not someone who only finds gambling exciting on the top online gambling sites for players, Las Vegas is a must-visit. This is because the place has so much more to offer besides its glamorous casinos.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia

The place does not make it to most of the traveling articles, and that is what makes it a place that you need to explore. North Macedonia borders Greece and has long been a bone of contention in many political debates.

The place is a melting pot of varied culture and tradition and has several new additions to it that make North Macedonia is a place that must not go amiss. Greece itself is a country that is high on art and culture, and North Macedonia, more so.
Be it for gastronomy or a plethora of artifacts and historical sights, North Macedonia is a place that you must step foot in once in your lifetime, provided with an opportunity.


Oranjestad, Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands @ Flickr

Here is another place that not many travel articles like to talk about, and that is why the beauty if this wonderful place goes unnoticed more often than not.

Aruba is an island country that is dunked in creativity and vivid colors. The streets and walls found in every nook and corner of the island is adorned with graffiti and art of sorts by local artists that will leave you wanting for more.
The island abounds in talent as much as it abounds in good sense and responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, if you want to enjoy some pristine and gorgeous beaches and tour sustainably, Aruba is just the right place for you.

Wrapping Up

The article provides you with a mix of some popular and unconventional places that you can consider traveling to on your next vacation.

There is a world of wonder waiting for you outside the confines of your house, and once everything is back to normal and human beings resume living their lives the way they used to, consider traveling to one or more of these places and absorb all the knowledge that the places have to offer.

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