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Vietnam’s FIRST Digital Only Bank is ready to launch services, aims to offer “Free Everyday Banking for Life”

by Inside Out

Bryan Carroll, CEO at TNEX, which claims to be Vietnam’s first all-digital bank to offer “free everyday banking for life,” has confirmed that TNEX is now ready to officially launch its services.

Carroll revealed that the TNEX platform is now in its final testing phase.

He remarked:

“We are proud, exhausted and a touch emotional.. emptying oneself into a dream hurts.. but the results can be so amazing. From zero to a digital culture, a (customer experience) Cx to backoffice digital native SME Bank, Consumer Bank and lifestyle ecosystem all in just 9 months has not been easy. But Oh what a journey.”

Carroll added:

“Just 3 more weekends and a few late nights to go to let you see our dream..’how we believe banking should be’… We are about to deliver Vietnam’s FIRST Digital Only Bank..zero [physical] branches required.”

He also claims that TNEX is the first youth bank or financial service provider for Millennial and Gen Z consumers. He further notes that TNEX is the first “ecosystem bank.” The neobanking platform aims to help people improve the quality of their lives, Carroll noted.

He also mentioned that it’s the first “GameTech bank” of its kind in the world. It offers “pure engagement fun” and also serves as the “First Micro Merchant Bank, First Zero Touch Bank; First no strings attached FREE Everyday Bank for every person and business,” Carroll claims.

As noted on its official website, the bank claims to have a very quick registration process. It reportedly allows new users to complete a digital or e-KYC (Know Your Customer) process in minutes.

As stated on its website, the TNEX platform allows users to open a new bank account with a few simple verification steps right on their smartphone. There’s also no need to wait in long lines at physical branches and there’s also no complicated paperwork to complete, the digital bank’s management claims.

Featured image: TNEx’s banner ads. Credit: TNEx 

By Omar Faridi @ crowdfundinsider

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