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Agenda – Vietnam property market trends

by Inside Out
Agenda – Vietnam property market trends

Over the past 10 years, Vietnam has become a top destination for manufacturing in Southeast Asia and attracted impressive foreign investment.

Due to attractive economic and population growth the country is expected to continue rising through the ranks to attract even more foreign investment. Open-market policies that attract foreign investors and the rising incomes in the country are amongst the main reasons for Vietnam continuing to be one of the most dynamic emerging countries and one of the countries that has managed the COVID-19 pandemic very well.

Global Business Services (GBS) LTD and Vietnam Insider join hands to present the “Inside Out” webinar series, shedding light on Vietnam’s situation during the COVID-19 period to support foreign investors dealing with a dynamic business, regulatory, legal and operational landscape.

More and more foreign investors have been flocking to the Vietnamese property market and  in the upcoming webinar “Vietnam’s property market trends & economic conditions”, our expert panelists will explain which sectors and regions are most potential for strong growth including:

  • The impact of Covid on property market
  • Geographic variations (hotter & cooler)
  • Notable projects & transactions
  • Relevant government initiatives & policies
  • The road ahead in 2021 and beyond
  • Investing process for foreign investors

Timing: 14:00 05th November, 2020 (ICT)

Featured speakers:

  Kenneth M Atkinson – Founder & Senior Board Adviser, Grant Thornton (Vietnam)

 Tran Huynh – Deputy CEO of BW Industrial Development JSC


 Tran Minh Thu – Partner of GBS


 David Jackson – CEO, Colliers International in Vietnam

 Rahn Wood – Moderator/ Partner of GBS


If you are a foreign investors, expatriate or business partner, who is hungry for insights about Vietnamese business conditions, this is where you can hear directly from leaders across sectors!

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